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  • Get to Know Your ASCC Staff – Mary Anderson, Accounting/Finance
  • Annual Conference is Next Week!
  • Guidance for Concrete Contractors
  • Cement in Concrete Decreasing as Sustainability Expectations Increasing
  • What Brings You to the ASCC Hotline?
  • September is National Suicide Awareness Month

Upcoming Events

October 11 at 3 p.m. Central
Sales Strategy Eats Subject Matter Expertise for Lunch
Presented by Chris Sullivan, Painters USA

Safety Roundtable
October 18 at 2 p.m. Central
Utilizing Technology to Advance Safety Training

Annual Conference
September 27-30, 2023
Amway Grand
Grand Rapids, MI
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Safety Summit
November 8-9, 2023
St. Louis, MO
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Welcome New Members

  • ArmaCrete, Pearl, MS
  • Bordner Engineering Services, Raytown, MO
  • Carolina Bomanite Corp., Mount Holly, MS
  • Colorado Concrete Artisans, Westminster, CO
  • Diamond Products Limited, Elyria, OH
  • Kaloutas & Co., N. Andover, MA
  • Quest Field Services, Waterford, MI
  • Poly-America, L.P., Grand Prairie, TX
  • Rose Concrete Contracting, Carlsbad, CA
  • United Forming, Austell, GA

Get To Know Your ASCC Staff

Mary Anderson

I have worked at ASCC for over 14 years in the accounting/finance department. My position involves all aspects of accounting:  A/R, A/P, budgeting, account reconciliations and month-end reporting just to name a few. I am also the “unofficial” purchasing department, human resource department and office therapist.

I have a bachelor’s degree from Webster University in business management with a minor in accounting and finance. Prior to working at ASCC, I was a project manager in the treasury department at MasterCard International.

I have been married for over 28 years and have two children. I enjoy gardening, DIY projects, watching sports and volunteering at my parish.

Executive Director

Time to Work Hard, Play Hard and Try Something New
Ray Hefner

ASCC’s Annual Conference is here, and I know everyone is excited about being together again as am I. As we gather for the conference, I want all in attendance to be cognizant of what brings them to the conference. The are a wide range of educational activities, networking opportunities, speakers, committee meetings, and of course, the Board of Directors meeting. I am sure all of you have your schedules mapped out for the conference, but I decided to take a David Letterman approach to this year’s conference and provide a top ten list. Read More

Technical Director

Cement in Concrete Decreasing as Sustainability Expectations Increasing
Mike Hernandez

Several years ago, climate change and sustainability were not something the concrete construction community would hear much about. Now action on sustainability is increasing all around us, which translates to less cement in concrete and more supplemental cementitious materials. Read More

Concrete Construction Specialist

Guidance for Concrete Contractors … #21 in a Series
Jim Klinger

We checked in our latest ACI Manual of Concrete Practice (MCP-2015) for guidance related to construction grout applications but were unsuccessful. Can ASCC provide any information that will help us prepare the construction grout repair submittals described above? Read More

What Brings You to the ASCC Hotline?

The ASCC Hotline has been in operation for over 50 years, taking calls on field problems, change order disputes, inconvenient specification language and other concrete technical issues. When members call us, information is obtained about an issue or project, which we then review to suggest a cost-effective solution or a stronger negotiating strategy. ASCC Hotline calls can sometimes lead to an ASCC Position Statement or even an ACI Concrete International article that helps the concrete industry at-large. While the issue or solution is sometimes shared in-house with other ASCC members, the caller is always kept anonymous. The subjects of Hotline calls vary as shown below, but the ASCC Technical Division is like a construction hospital…we never know what is going to be wheeled into our emergency room next. Hotline calls are complimentary, a free service that comes as part of your ASCC membership benefit package.  You can contact the ASCC Concrete Construction Hotline by calling (800)- 331-0668 or via email at

Estimating and Bidding
Finding Suppliers or Subcontractors
Change Orders
RFI’s and Submittals
Warranty Calls
Legal Advice
Inspection Checklists
Contracts and Specifications  

Contract Clauses and Carve-Outs
Use of ASCC Position Statements
Scope of Work Exhibits
Bid Proposal Exclusions and Qualifications
Preconstruction Conferences
AIA and ACI Specifications
CSI Specification Standards
ASTM Standards

Cracks, Spalls, Popouts, Blisters, Delaminations, Crazing
Cold and Hot Weather Concrete
Curing Requirements and Methods
Pumping, Placing and Finishing
Repairs, Including Removal and Replacement Issues
Construction Tolerances
Field and Laboratory Testing Standards and Procedures
Inspection Issues, Low Breaks
Destructive and Nondestructive Tests
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Formwork and Formwork Design
Reinforcement and Post-Tensioning
Concrete Mix Designs
Mass Concrete and Thermal Plans

Decorative Concrete & Polished Concrete Specialist

Great Information and Programs at Annual Conference
Clark Branum

In the Decorative and Polishing world, we have seen an increase in the hotline calls for July and August. At first this may seem alarming, but it tells us that people are busy, and of course with an increased workload we always face new challenges. Read More

Decorative Concrete Council

Keep Your Revenue Flowing!
Rich Cofoid, council director

For many decorative concrete contractors, the change of seasons as summer gives way to autumn is the busiest, most hectic, and anxious time of the year. Evening comes earlier shortening our workday, and cooler weather means we have weeks, not months left to complete our scheduled projects before freezing temps halt exterior jobs. Read More

Concrete Polishing Council

The Impact Our Sponsorships Can Have on the Future Workforce 
Ryan Klacking, council director

I think it’s fair to say we all look forward to the Annual Conference, where we can come together and listen to each other, brainstorm new ideas, and show our comradery for one another in our industry. We also have the opportunity to sponsor a college student(s) from the Construction Industry Management program to attend the conference with us, and I have to admit, I always look forward to the opportunity to help others looking to enter construction. They are our future! Read More

Safety & Risk Management Council

September is National Suicide Awareness Month – Let’s Make a Difference
Joe Whiteman, director of safety services

September is national suicide awareness month, a critical opportunity to shine a light on a topic that affects individuals from all walks of life. In industries like concrete construction where the pressure to meet deadlines and ensure safety is paramount, the importance of mental health awareness cannot be understated. This month let us take a moment to consider how we as an industry could actively contribute to the cause of suicide prevention and mental health support. Read More